The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access worldwide.

IPAF is a UK based non-profit organisation with over 35 years of experience and represents over 85% of the global MEWP market. It is the world’s largest organisation dedicated to promoting the safe and effective use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). They have a range of training products designed for operators, managers and supervisors.

Why choose IPAF training?

IPAF training is recognised on sites across the world and is increasingly mandated on construction sites across the GCC. With a license validity of 2 years, covering 4 categories of machine type, IPAF training is a very cost effective means of ensuring operators are competently trained and capable of working on any worksite.

Those who successfully complete IPAF training are awarded the Powered Access Licence (PAL) card, the most widely held and recognised proof of training for platform operators.

IPAF Training Courses

Powered Access License (PAL) cardepal-in-hand-2-year-(2).png

  • Valid for two years
  • Displays the machine categories that the operator has been trained on
  • Features the holder’s photo and signature
  • Holds a unique license number
  • Operator and license can be verified on the IPAF website
  • Includes smart NFC technology
  • Compatible with the Rapid Access SkySentry machine management system

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