As part of the world's 3rd largest rental specialist, we support some of the world’s largest airlines and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) contractors to reduce operational costs, improve forecastable expenditure and optimise the operational availability of their aircraft fleet.

Rapid Access offers industry leading work at height solutions, including equipment rental, sales, training and maintenance. We have vast experience in the world’s busiest airports delivering solutions to all aspects of Aviation Machine, Repair & Operations (MRO), be it line maintenance, hanger maintenance, aircraft appearance or engine maintenance facilities.

Our multinational team of professionals provide an outstanding experience to customers, with a commitment to the highest standards of safety, environment and technical excellence.

Our expert knowledge, industry leading response times and customised products and services mean we are the preferred supplier of work at height to the aviation industry across Europe and the GCC.

Line Maintenance

Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) are well suited to multiple line maintenance duties, whether component replacement, structural and special assessments or repairs, exterior washing and beyond. Our clients are tasked with maintaining high despatch reliability and reduced delay and our range of mobile powered access solutions are perfect for achieving their KPIs.

Our engineering excellence and attention to detail, as well as the high-quality manufactured products that we provide, ensures maximum uptime and machine readiness, as well as minimising any risks resulting from FOD on the apron.

We provide a range of ready-to-operate diesel or hybrid machines, including large deck scissors with high payloads, and truck-mounted articulated booms ideal for reaching stabilisers or fuselage mounted services such as inflight Wi-Fi. All of our products can be fitted with particulate filters, fire suppression, stop/start technology, handrail protection and our SkySentry device. We supply bespoke products perfectly suited to the requirements of quick turn-around maintenance and with the use of our SkySentry product, it is simple to locate and identify machines that are unused and deploy these in a quick and timely manner to any area of operation.

Hangar Maintenance

Base Ops, Base Heavy, Base Light

Our MRO customers utilise a wide range of products in their hangar operations. Our products offer time and cost savings through ease and speed of set-up, as well as being simple to manoeuvre for more exact, optimal positioning. Because of these capabilities, it removes the need to stop work and replaces any requirement to use tools to manually reconfigure the work area.

Our products can be safely and quickly moved into any work position, providing the ability to work in the tightest work areas and under or above any aircraft type. With the ability to simply and quickly manoeuvre a machine at height, one machine can help carry out a wide range of inspection or maintenance requirements, including lifting materials and tools to a work area, providing a safe enclosed platform to carry out work from, and the ability to offer a tethering point to support a technician working on an aircraft surface.

Aircraft Appearance

Our products are perfectly designed to offer versatility when working at height. Working alongside existing teleplatform solutions, our MRO clients utilise our aerial work platforms to offer a more flexible solution; quickly and safely reaching areas that other solutions are not appropriate for.

We specialise in providing bespoke machines for use in paint hangars, specifically engineered to ensure zero emissions and an explosion proof build. Our electric, explosion proof scissor lifts provide a simple and reliable solution for most stripping and painting requirements and offer flexibility across multiple aircraft types. They are also perfect for large and small format decal applications, with extendable work decks and easy manoeuvrability for exact positioning.

Virtual Classroom

Alongside the world-class training that we offer for working at height, Rapid Access, as a part of Loxam Group, is proud to be the first organisation in the middle east to offer a virtual simulator for our customers. With the ability to model a range of scenarios our virtual classroom enable us to deliver impactful learning, with hands-on simulations to better teach and refresh operators of aerial work platforms.

The benefit is not only improved retention of technical information and enhanced operator confidence and ability, but also a reduction in total practical hours in familiarisation and refresher training. Our virtual classroom lessons can be tailored to individual or organisational requirements, and are available for short or long term delivery.


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