The Project

Public transport across the region is receiving significant investment as an enabler for tourism, population growth and meeting environmental targets. One of the most significant projects in this field is Riyadh Metro, the mega-development representing the first rapid transit project in Saudi Arabia. 

Riyadh Metro is a colossal project worth $22bn. It covers a length of 180km with 6 lines and 85 stations within Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Challenge

Inner-city metro and rail projects demonstrate some of the most complex construction, maintenance and management requirements, and none less so than the Riyadh Metro.

The project itself is comprised of multiple sites within a very busy capital city. The project involves operating within very restrictive site envelopes within public realm of Riyadh municipality. Multiple unique and challenging supply scenarios are encountered across the entire project, including:

  • Considerations to reduce community disruption and impact
  • Off-peak working hours (including night-time working)
  • Evolving project site envelopes
  • Restrictive and compact worksites
  • Public health and safety requirements
  • Complex inner-city transport and operations
  • Public and site traffic management

Each of these scenarios demands a trusted and reliable partner to ensure safe, flexible and bespoke solutions.

The Solution

The Riyadh Metro project requires a wide variety of equipment to meet multiple applications, site conditions and building designs. With these challenges come a range of training and safety needs to be met.

Such unique and complex infrastructure projects require regular site surveys to ensure that evolving project demands are met, high equipment availability to prevent project delays, experienced project and on-site management to drive efficiency and industry-leading safety expertise with access to a comprehensive range of tool-box-talks and training.

Rapid Access provides a full project managed service which can react and respond to any developing challenge.

The Benefits

Rapid Access has the region’s widest range of powered access equipment with high availability providing customer sites with a reliable and efficient manlift provider. The Riyadh Metro project combined indoor and outdoor work sites within stations or on elevated lines, and Rapid Access are the perfect partner to provide a full range of AWPs with multiple configurations and capabilities.

Our dedicated management team attended regular health, safety and operational meetings to understand and respond to ever changing site requirements, ensure Rapid Access was well positioned to support the multiple worksites and contractors, and to drive the standards of safety on site.

Regular tool-box talks and machine familiarisations on helped to raise standards in terms of safety and efficient machine use.  Rapid Access were able to provide a variety machines including light-weight bi-fuel Niftylift HR12s for indoor and restrictive work sites, large deck Genie GS53s and Genie S85s for the construction of the elevated line sections, and key technologies to promote safety and efficiency, including SkySiren®, SkyRak® and SkyRak+®.

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