Supporting the local communities that are homes to our employees, customers and wider stakeholders.

Supporting our local communities, home to our employees, customers and wide stakeholders



We recognise the importance of the local communities in which we operate. Our employees, our customers and our wider stakeholders live and work in the communities that we serve, which is why supporting and engaging with these communities is one of our top priorities.

From understanding the impact we have, to taking action and measuring the change, the process can be challenging, but we believe that while we look after our employee and customer interests at work, through our workplace and marketplace targets, we should not ignore the impact we have on their communities while they are at home.

Our products are used in a wide range of industries, across many different communities, from helping to restore power, to building schools, renovating historic buildings, to helping set up community events, our business plays a part in a many significant events in many communities.

We also know that the nature of our operations may sometimes have a negative impact on a community, whether this is our delivery vehicles transporting equipment to project sites or the noise from our machines while working. We are determined to minimise these impacts, running our operations from sites in industrial areas, using transport planning systems to decrease the number of trips our transport vehicles need to make and supporting local communities in ways that can improve the lives of the people living in them.

In the course of our community engagement, we have sponsored local football team kits, donated our expertise and machines to help local events and organised sponsored events for charity. We also match funds raised by its employees taking part in their own chosen charitable events. 

In June 2012 we launched our volunteering policy. The policy enables employees to take up to 2 days a year to volunteer within their local community, encouraging employees to involve themselves in the support of local causes and at the same time learn and develop new skills. June also saw us launch a vote among employees for the company charity of the year, a charity that we will build a relationship with and encourage the support of throughout the year.


Sustainability Policy


In 2011 we launched a pioneering Corporate Responsibility programme that outlines our aims for the next decade.

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Sustainability Policy and learn more about how we plan to make a positive impression on the communities, environments and people touched by our work.