Managed Services

Our managed services can be prioritised either as a one-off practical assistance or long term strategic partnership. We can provide these through pre-tender or post contract stages and may include assistance with tender preparations, pre contract planning and on-site support.

Managed Services

Through our technical and commercial expertise we can partner you in reaching working at height best practice and improving business performance through solutions that reduce costs and improve safety.

Our on-site powered access management team can help create an environment focused on safety and productivity, as well as the effective use and supervision of equipment. Site management strategies can be based on your own strategies or based on the requirements of the individual site research and development.

Whatever your work entails, our research and development team can help you to improve safety and reduce costs by maximising your efficiency and resources. 

With the unique product development arm of our business, coupled with the working at height expertise that runs throughout our team, we can develop machine attachments and adaptations that suit your long-term business strategy or short term site requirements.

We can also provide auditing of your powered access and working at height requirements in order to help you improve efficiencies and safety in future projects by creating product solutions unique to your work.


MEWP Policy Consultation

We can ensure you are working in-line with the most up to date and current working at height legislation, prioritising the actions required and reducing the risk.

Managed information and Support

We can provide: 

  • Marketing and communications support to transfer knowledge and information to employees involved with working at height projects 
  • Environmental and energy management, working to meet your own strategies and targets