What makes employees love their job?

Read our latest blog post to hear from the Rapid Access HR team on how employee engagement can help to increase performance and productivity leading to an overall successful business.

Work environment plays an important factor in employee’s welfare and satisfaction that eventually leads to employee engagement. That is why it is important to engage in activities that boost a positive energy and overall well-being among employees.

At Rapid Access, we value our employees and acknowledge their service with us. We believe that it is their dedication that makes Rapid Access the industry’s market leader that it is today.

Employee engagement is the level of commitment, passion, and loyalty an employee has towards their work and company. The more engaged an employee is, the more successful the company is.

Rapid has launched several programmes to appreciate its employees for their indispensable support and commitment towards the organization. One such initiative is the Service Awards Programme.

  Service-recognition-award-(6).jpg Service-recognition-award-(7).jpg
Employees who have committed 10 years and more get awarded with the Service Recognition Award that recognises their journey and milestones in Rapid Access.

In the last 20 years in the Middle East, more than 75 employees have received the award with one of them receiving a 20-year Service Award this year - Hassan Akhtar, our longest serving employee in the Middle East.

In 2015 the parent company of Rapid Access, created and launched the Respect Charter, a set of values that reflects the way we interact with our customers, our employees and our organisation.

Service-recognition-award-(5).jpgA programme called the Respect Recognition Scheme was derived from the Respect Charter, an initiative that was introduced to recognise and reward employees who endeavour to go the extra mile and perform over and above what is expected of them in support of the company and its goals.

Employees can nominate their colleagues who they think deserves recognition, which allows everyone to exercise equality and awareness of each other’s responsibilities. The scheme was designed to make sure no one’s effort and hard work gets overlooked.

Rapid Access is truly proud of its people delivering an exemplary service and fulfilling the RESPECT values. 

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