Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Introducing our latest ground-breaking innovation, a Virtual Reality Training Simulator, the first of its kind in the Middle East!

Rapid Access, the leading aerial work platform rental specialist in the Middle East, has invested in ground-breaking virtual reality training simulators to complement its range of IPAF training courses. 

Developed in collaboration with Serious Labs, this pioneering new technology has been developed to allow operators to build competence and experience in a 100% risk-free environment in multiple boom lift and scissor lift scenarios.

The Virtual Reality simulator realistically mimics the sensation of boom lift and scissor lift operations allowing operators to experience a true-to-life look and feel of operating an aerial work platform in a safe and controlled environment.

Training on a Virtual Reality Simulator has several benefits:

• Operators familiarised with MEWP use
• Safer, more experienced operators
• Practice in responding to risk
• Reduction in the number of accidents on site
• Reduction to damage to buildings and equipment
• High Risk operating scenarios in a risk-free environment

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