Is a scissor lift right for you?

Learn more about how scissor lifts can help you work at height safely and efficiently.


In construction or contracting it goes without saying that you need reliable ways to work at height safely and with ease. Historically, the most effective means to get to height were using ladders and scaffolding, but the safety and productivity inconvenience of these products has given way to the continuing increase in powered access solutions.

Scissor lifts in-particular are an essential piece of equipment that every contracting professional should be familiar with. The market for scissor lifts has matured over the years thanks to increasing health and safety guidance, coupled with the growing awareness of productivity benefits of scissor lifts. To know more, read Rise of Scissor Lifts.

This wide recognition of the benefits of using a scissor lift has seen them applied in a wide range of industries due to their simplicity, flexibility and the capability for a quick set up and storage.

Rapid-Access-138_v1.jpgGrowing in popularity on construction sites, scissor lifts are versatile for a range of requirements both indoors and outdoors. With larger deck scissor lifts suitable for rough terrain work, like roofing, netting, cladding, and smaller deck electric scissor lifts suited to work on finished concrete, like brickwork and installations, scissor lifts can work across multiple disciplines. 

With a wide range of specifications and attachments to make work faster and safer, Rapid offers a range of options between 8 and 18metres. For more details on our scissor lift range, enquire here.

SkyRakPlus-on-site-at-Glasgow-Velodrome-367-_v1.pngQuicker to set up, and easier to move, scissor lifts are perfect for work at height in the
M&E sector. With multiple power options and an incredible range of material handling attachments (MHAs), scissor lifts help working at height be faster and safer.

With various deck sizes suitable for workers and tools, scissor lifts are the most efficient means of setting up a work platform, and along with our BlueSky products, working from a scissor lift is faster, less resource intensive, and reduces manual handling. For more information or a demonstration of our BlueSky equipment, enquire here.

DubaiWalls_01_v1.jpgFor time and resource sensitive jobs the quick set up, easy storage and simple manoeuvrability of a scissor lift is ideal. FM contractors increasingly use scissor lifts to save time and money, and to help complete jobs more efficiently. Our products offer small working footprints, compact set-up, and electric motors, perfect for work in busy, clean environments.

To learn more about our range of products, or how scissor lifts and low-level access can help you, explore these pages or contact us here for more information.