Rapid Access’ grows high-access cleaning fleet

Rapid Access has strong regional presence in the high access cleaning rental business.

Rapid Access has strong regional presence in the high access cleaning rental business.

“This year we are adding more than 400 new powered access machines to our regional fleet including a range of ultra-booms, spider access equipment and truck mounted powered access units,” says Alexis Potter, regional director UAE, Rapid Access Middle East.

Rapid Access’ fleet has grown to accommodate in excess of 4,000 machines. “This gives our customers superior regional access to the right machine for every application,” Potter adds.

The new fleet includes a mix of telescopic SX-180, SX-150 boom lifts and articulating ZX-135/70 boom lifts, as well as Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) telescopic SX-135 XC and SX-125 XC models.

The series features an increased range of motion, compact size, lighter weight, machines with greater manoeuvrability and safer working loads. The SX series offers the largest booms available globally, while the XC models not only provide additional cage capacity, but also feature a low-maintenance load sense cell technology that monitors the weight on the platform and disables machine function if the load exceeds the platform load limit, Potter says.

“These units offer working heights up to 57m and horizontal reaches to 24m (80 ft). These are some of the largest booms available in the marketplace and represent a number of regional firsts,” he adds, stating Rapid Access has also invested in a new JLG fleet.

“The JLG X26J crawler boom has a working height of 26m. Whereas the new JLG spider unit combines a light weight machine, non-marking tracks, and a great range of working heights and horizontal outreach, making it ideal for indoor applications,” Potter adds.

Potter says the new models are state-of-the-art, and will support a range of tasks for safe working at heights which will benefit the construction sector.

The high access cleaning sector is broadly divided between rope access cleaning and platform cleaning. Both have their areas of application — rope access is not suited for low to medium rise and platform access isn’t feasible for high-rise towers.

The discussion surrounding safety is, however, common. Potter says: “Access platforms provide a safe and easy access to work at height. Being compact and low in weight, spider platforms are particularly popular with facilities management companies. They are quick, easy to deploy and deliver decent reach at lower levels, where it is needed the most. Its flexibility and manoeuvrability also enable them to work in difficult-to-reach and narrow spaces — both indoors and outdoors.

Rapid Access’s 4,000-plus machines are deployed across nine depots in the Gulf. The business has been in operation since 1996 and is the Middle East business unit of the Lavendon Group, now part of Loxam which acquired the Lavendon Group of companies earlier this year. Overall, 2017 has been a busy year for Rapid Access. Apart from the JLG and Genie machines it has added to its fleet, the company has also bolstered its spider lift fleet.

“The lightweight fleet of 16 machines cover a range from 17m to 26m and are equipped with tracks and battery engines making them ideal for all types of indoor work. The products, from JLG and Hinowa, offer exceptional working envelopes and platform capacities which, combined with their low floor loading and compact size, mean they are positioned to undertake a wide range of work impossible for other conventional MEWP models,” Potter says.

There are several opportunities in indoor high-access cleaning and equipment suppliers have had to take note of these to ensure their machines can be used indoors. “The new light-weight fleet has low emissions as well as the latest safety features, making their application suitable for supporting projects at heights, such as those inside airports, public transport stations, malls, exhibition centres and hotels,” he adds.

Potter says that the latest investment demonstrates Rapid Access’ desire to respond to its customer needs. “Our customers have asked for specialist pieces of equipment, and we are confident that these machines will prove popular with our clients given our customer service and technical support,” Potter says.

He concludes by stating investments such as these indicate a positive trend in the market, and an indication that the demand for more specialised cleaning solutions is gaining added impetus.

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