Partnership with Shaikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla: Rapid Access celebrates fifteen years of Success

In partnership with Shaikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla, Rapid Access celebrates 15 years of success in Bahrain.

The Bahrain operations of Rapid Access, provider of powered access solutions, is celebrating its 15 th anniversary with sponsor Shaikh Ahmed bin Abdulla.

Rapid Access, part of UK based Lavendon Group, the world leader in the rental of powered aerial work platform, has depots throughout the GCC including the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. Rapid Access was established in the region in 1996 and now employs over 250 people and owns the largest powered access fleet in the Middle East.

The company opened its Bahrain depot 15 years ago and has been sponsored by Shaikh Ahmed bin Abdulla ever since. The group celebrated the milestone anniversary this week in the presence of Shaikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla and members of Lavendon's board of directors including John Standen, Non-executive Chairman of Lavendon Group, Don Kenny, Group Chief Executive of Lavendon Group, Alan Merrell, Group Finance Director, Lavendon Group, Paul Rankin, Managing Director, Rapid Access and Steven Ceney, Managing Director of Rapid Access Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

"Over the last fifteen years, Rapid has remained strong throughout the many changes in the economic climate" said John Standen of Lavendon. "Our continued success is due to two things: our team's dedication to delivering the safest and most efficient equipments to our clients and the support of strong partners and sponsors in the region such as Shaikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla. Having sponsors of the status of Shaik Ahmed Bin Abdulla is crucial to cement our position as the leading powered access company in the region. We have enjoyed 15 years of successful partnership and are looking forward to many more milestones together".

"We constantly seek ways to improve what we are doing in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and bring the company to a new level. We are glad to have Shaik Ahmed Bin Abdulla as our sponsor and partner in helping us achieve our goals," added Don Kenny, CEO of Lavendon, "happy anniversary to our Bahrain depot!"

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