Rapid Access: Intricacies of equipment rental

Alexis Potter, Sales and Marketing Director of Rapid Access, divulges the intricacies of equipment rental and how the company tackles this market.

What would highlight as your most popular line of products that is often rented?
Working at height within the FM industry involves a variety of heights and environments and therefore we rent a wide range of powered access equipment to the industry. Some of our most popular models include electric and bi-fuel booms which allow tasks to be carried out indoors and outdoors and a wide range of low level access and smaller electric scissor units.

Do you find the market pushes more towards buying equipment, rather than opting for a rent model? What are the benefits of either approach?
Around the world the supply of powered access units is predominantly a rental activity. As working at height activities vary a great deal in scale and environment it is only through rental that client’s are able to use the right machine for every application.

Clients are able to keep the machine for only as long as they need in order to safely complete the task at hand. The approach ensures that client’s can focus their financial capital within their core business. Another core benefit of renting includes savings on maintenance and associated services. Powered access machines are complex pieces of equipment where safe function and operation is paramount.

It is therefore appropriate to get these machines from specialists who invest time and money in keeping abreast of the latest technical developments. Rental companies also ensure that machines are up to date with all of the required third party inspections which are essential to the safe and compliant operation of powered access machines in the UAE.

Can you share some details on the leasing model employed by your company and how it differs from your competitors?
Most powered access providers across the Middle East operate on a similar rental or leasing model and are able to offer machines on daily, weekly or monthly hire periods. Where Rapid is able to differentiate its offering and generate an increased return for our clients is through the provision of service and added value accessories.

All of our service engineers undertake rigorous training and all of Lavendon Group’s (parent company) worldwide depots adhere to our TechX2020 standards. This is an internal accreditation and service charter which ensures that whether you are renting a machine from us in Belgium, London or Qatar you can expect the same excellent levels of machine reliability and engineering service.
In respect to added value accessories we are the only powered access supplier able to offer clients access to the Blue Sky Systems range of safety and productivity enhancing attachments and systems. These range from anti-entrapment and pre-crash sensors, web-based machine tracking software to aluminium attachment designed to safely hold materials within the machine basket.
Is maintaining a healthy relationship with clients important?
At Rapid we believe that having a healthy relationship is important in every aspect of our business. Whether we are supplying machines through rental, sale or providing maintenance on a customer owned machine we always place the utmost importance on our relationship with our customers.

How do you see the FM market evolving over 2016 and what will be Rapid Access’ role in shaping it?
The increasing demand we are witnessing from the FM industry shows how much this segment is growing in the region and we are well equipped to provide for the unique requirements of the FM industry. We have the region’s largest and most diverse fleet including a complete range of electric and diesel scissors and boom lifts to ensure we can supply the right machine for every requirement. We are also the first company in the region to offer a range of Low Level Access products, which include battery powered and push around machines making them ideal for confined indoor spaces.
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